The Provectus Way – That Works.

Provectus (Latin) = advanced; higher level of knowledge. Provectus Environmental Products is a performance chemical provider to the soil and groundwater remediation industry. We specialize in the development and global commercialization of next-generation, synergistic ISCR and ISCO remedial technologies. Our proprietary remedial technologies represent the safest, most effective, and most cost-efficient solutions available.

We are not consultants. Our business model is to support RPs, environmental engineers, technical consultants, governmental regulators, and the wider academic community by providing design and selection of cost-effective remediation strategies.

Distinctive Environmental Biotechnologies – that Work

The Provectus line of patented environmental remediation products are truly different, and they represent genuinely unique chemistries: they are not simply “me too” modifications of existing environmental technologies. As you review our technology portfolio, common features will be apparent: a clear focus on safety, tangible cost efficiencies, demonstrated effectiveness, distinguishable ease of use, and recognizable quality at the highest level.

  • Provect-CH4® Methanogen Inhibitor and ERD/ISCR Supplement: Water-soluble amendment that can be used as a supplement to effectively control methane production when combined with various ERD amendments (e.g., [emulsified] oils, lecithin, lactates, molasses, sugars, etc) or conventional ISCR reagents that do not (and cannot) have antimethanogenic compounds.
  • Provect-IR® Solid, Antimethanogenic ISCR Reagent: As the prime originator and developer of the original EHC ISCR reagent over 10 years ago, we know that Provect-IR is a genuine improvement on the ISCR process and its older product formulations. Provect-IR is a much more efficient, cost effective and safer ISCR approach = can use an estimated 30% less amendment and get expected results.
  • Provect-IRM® Solid Antimethanogenic ISCR Reagent / Metal Stabilization Reagent: The Provect technology core makes this a more effective means of metal immobilization/ISCR that minimizes production of methylmetal(loids) for safer, more effective, long-term immobilization.
  • ERD-CH4® Liquid Antimethanogenic ISCR Reagent: The most cost effective formulation of a liquid, antimethanogenic ERD amendment that can be applied via screened systems. By inhibiting methanogenesis, this is a more efficient (saves an estimated 30 to 50% of the carbon amendment), longer-lived and safer ERD approach.
  • Provect-OX® Self-Activating ISCO/ Enhanced Bioremediation Reagent: Persulfate-based ISCO reagent that is unique in terms of its safety (no extreme activators; no heat generated) and effectiveness, as it actively integrates enhanced bioremediation as part of the overall treatment process – only ISCO reagent designed to manage rebound;
  • AquaGate+CH4™ Composite, Antimethanogenic Reactive Capping Technology: Developed in collaboration with AquaBlok, LTD subaqueous caps can be constructed more effectively by minimizing gas ebullition and contaminant methylation.
  • EZVI-CH4™ Antimethanogenic DNAPL Treatment: Unique reagent can be used for safe and effective treatment of chlorinated solvent DNAPL sources.
  • Provect-GS™ NAPL Immobilization Technology: A liquid reagent developed in collaboration Beazer East, Inc. for in situ geophysicochemical immobilization (ISGI) of DNAPL sources.

Corporate Resources – that Work

Provectus is a company designed to work. Our people harbor and display the personal characteristics, technical skills, and inherent professionalism upon which we are growing our company – all with a crisp focus on client appreciation.

  • Credible Technical Aptitude: Highly qualified staff, including Ph.D. level scientists and others representing more than 150 cumulative years’ experience with environmental biotechnology; inventors and developers of multiple physical, chemical and/or biological remediation technologies
  • Technologies Yield Predictable, Reliable Performance: Patented and Patent-Pending technologies. Guaranteed performance and other warranties offered in conjunction with strategic providers and partners.
  • Responsive Customer Care and Service: Logistics with no surprises, no excuses, no frustration. User-friendly and cordial account management personnel and Patent-Pending technologies.
  • Quantifiable Client Value: Safer, more effective, more cost-efficient remedial actions. “Do it Right the First Time” – avoid problems associated with new and emerging regulations for methane in groundwater, soil gas, and indoor air and Patent-Pending technologies. Guaranteed.

Patented Biotechnologies – that Work

The Provectus line of patented (8 issued patents) and patent-pending (4 patents pending) environmental remediation products are truly different, and they represent best in class, globally.

Application / Patent Number


Filing Date

Issue Date

7,129,388 and 7,531,709

and 9,427,786

Method for Accelerated Dechlorination of Matter; Parts 1 and 2.

10/31/2006 and 5/12/2009 and 8/30/2016


Method for the Treatment of Ground Water and Soils Using Dried Algae and Other Dried Mixtures



Method for the Treatment of Ground Water and Soils Using Mixtures of Seaweed and Kelp



Utilization of Ferric Ammonium Citrate for In-Situ Remediation of chlorinated Solvents



Method for Inhibition of Methane Production During Anaerobic Reductive Dechlorination



Use of Encapsulated Substrates to Control the Release Rates of Organic Hydrogen Donors


9,126,245 B2

Chemical Oxidation and Biological Attenuation Process for the Treatment of Contaminated Media



Apparatus for In-Situ Remediation Using a Closed Delivery System




Method and Composition for Inhibiting Methanogenesis During In Situ Sediment Treatment




Method and Composition for Inhibiting Heavy Metal Methylation During In-Situ Remedial Actions




Inhibition of Methanogenesis to Control Wood-Boring Insects and Pestilence




Inhibition of Methanogenesis During Environmental Applications



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