Provect-ORS: Oxygen Release Substrate




Provectus Oxygen Release Substrate (ORS) technology is a proprietary, field-proven source of dissolved oxygen plus inorganic nutrients (e.g., nitrogen) and buffer to enhance the aerobic degradation of groundwater contaminants such as petroleum hydrocarbons (e.g., BTEX, jet fuel, semivolatile organics, etc.). In the subsurface, the ORS materials will react with water to release oxygen slowly for a period of 3 to 6 months:

2CaO2 + 2H2O ---------> 2Ca(OH)2 + O2

Our ORS is specifically designed to accelerate the aerobic biodegradation of organic compounds using naturally occurring microbes and enhance subsequent natural attenuation processes. In most cases, microbial inoculants are not required since the naturally occurring microorganisms are already present and well adapted to the site-specific conditions. Typical ORS applications include soil mixing and addition to backfill materials (ORS), placement in wells (ORS Sleeves), and subsurface injection via direct push (I-ORS). Additional information regarding the different ORS lines can be found below.

For ORS remedial design including injection, soil mixing and excavation placement please contact Provectus Environmental. If ORS sleeves or other standard applications are required please see the Order Form below.

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