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Download copies from Resolution Partners conducted and evaluated treatability studies of our various technologies at the bench-scale level, that are used for the design of pilot or full-scale remedial applications.

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ResPartners_LogoReSolution Partners is an independent evaluator of treatment technologies and is able to provide unbiased testing for a broad range of proprietary and non-proprietary reagents. In this capacity, ReSolution Partners has developed strong working relationships with a wide range of reagent vendors and full-scale contractors, in an effort to accurately evaluate the various technologies available. ReSolution Partners has completed hundreds of treatability studies over the past 10 years across the United States and internationally for private and industrial clients, PRP groups, attorneys, environmental consultants, and environmental contractors. ReSolution Partners is well known for expertise in treatability testing for heavy metals and organic compounds using a variety of evaluation techniques including batch, column, and pilot studies, and site-specific testing methods to meet specific project requirements.

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