Liquid, Antimethanogenic ERD Reagent

ERD-CH4™ represents the most significant technology advancement in over a decade: it combines the proven chemistry with the power of the Provect-CH4™ methanogen inhibitors to yield a truly unique liquid, antimethanogenic ERD reagent that contains 60% water soluble carbon.

  • More Efficient = More Cost Effective: Production of methane is a direct indication that the hydrogen generated from the organic carbon amendments was used by methanogens and the amendment has been wasted because it was not utilized by acetogens or dehalorespiration. By inhibiting the growth and proliferation of methane producing Archaea, chlororespiring bacteria can become the more dominant bacterial populations and at least 30% less ERD amendment can be applied.
  • Safer: Methane is explosive with an LEL of 5% and an UEL of 15%. Production of methane will result from the addition of any conventional ERD or ISCR amendment: excessive and extended production of methane can result in elevated in groundwater concentrations (as high as 1,000 ppm have been reported) which can lead to accumulation in soil gas subsequently impacting indoor air. State specific regulations for methane in groundwater have been promulgated, with others pending for soil gas and indoor air.
  • Green and Sustainable Technology: Formulated with byproducts from “green” energy processes, so it is better for the environment.
  •  Patented Technologies: Technology end users and their clients are fully protected from all Patent and other legal issues.
  • Ease of Use:
    • Completely soluble in water hence no need for extensive and time consuming “water chase”.
    • No need to emulsify the product with specialize tooling and equipment.
    • No laborious material transfers and dilutions.
    • No worry about an emulsion breaking.
    • Lower injection pressures.
    • No soap formation from bringing pH up too high.
    • ERD-CH4 is formulated for each site specific application.
    • Avoids cost and need for contingency planning to manage excessive methane production (SVE/AS off gas treatment).
  •  Longevity (> 2 years): Contains C14 to C18 fatty acids that have been shown in the field to last for over two years. Emulsified oils eventually break down into bioavailable C18 fatty acids through hydrolysis, so we are essentially using the same long-lived components of emulsified oils without having to emulsify or wait for hydrolysis to occur.
  •  Natural Co-Solvent: Through a license with Oregon State University, ERDC-CH4™ includes ethyl lactate which is a “green” co-solvent. This helps dissolve fatty acids, and it also serves as a solvent for sites that may have DNAPL, because the ethyl lactate solvates the DNAPL and promotes rapid treatment.
  •  Cost Competitive: At a list price of $1.85/lb (Volume Discounts will Apply) for ERD-CH4™ containing 60% carbon + methane inhibitor, this is the most cost efficient way of procuring the combined technologies. When all factors are considered ERD-CH4™ is an excellent value.
  • Saves on Least 10% When Compared to ERD Alone: Using the site scenario summarized below, 67,500 lbs of ERD-CH4™ (which includes the methane inhibitors) cost $121,500 which is an excellent value when compared to a cost of $135,000 for 90,000 lbs of a conventional ERD amendment that does not include methane inhibitors.

ERD-CH4™is only liquid ERD reagent designed to actively control the production of methane in a safe, reliable and predictable manner (US Patent Office Scalzi et al, 2013, 2014). In addition to the safety issues, associated with elevated methane in groundwater, soil gas, and indoor air, this effect also promotes more efficient use of the hydrogen donor.


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