Provect-CH4® Essential Oil (EO) Advanced Methane Inhibitor / ERD and ISCR Supplement

Provect-CH4® EO represents our latest advancements in the science of applied antimethanogenic reagents (AMRs) for controlling excessive methanogenesis during in situ remedial action. Provect-CH4® EO is a proprietary mixture of Essential Oils/Saponins (potentially in combination with red yeast rice extract) that prevents methane (CH4) production by controlling the growth and proliferation of methanogenic Archaea. This advanced AMR formulation offers the benefits of:

  • Expanded mode of action = more effective
  • Extended release = increased longevity
  • Ease of Use = oil-based reagents more compatible with certain ERD/ISCR amendments, such as EVO and EZVI

In environmental remediation applications, AMRs can be used as supplements to conventional enhanced reductive dehalogenation (ERD) and in situ chemical reduction (ISCR) amendments rendering them safer and more effective. These include:

  • Oils/Lecithin
  • Emulsified Oils/Lecithin
  • Sugars (lactate, dextrose, glucose)
  • Other carbon sources (e.g., molasses, whey)
  • Plant based carbon (e.g., cellulose and hemi-cellulose)
  • Carbon + ZVI amendments (conventional ISCR reagents)

With widely varying degrees of success, other approaches such as managing pH and using slower-release, cellulose based carbon sources (lignolytic bacteria are not commonly thought to produce methane) have attempted to manage methane production during remedial applications. However, Provect-CH4® and Provect-CH4® EO are the only reagents designed to actively control the production of methane in a safe, reliable and predictable manner (Mueller and Booth, 2016; US Patent Office Scalzi et al, 2013, 2014; patents pending). In addition to the safety issues, associated with elevated methane in groundwater, soil gas, and indoor air, this effect also promotes more efficient use of the hydrogen donor.

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