Provectus Announces Technology Partner for Germany




Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. (Provectus), in collaboration with our technology partners at E. Elgressy (Israel), is pleased to introduce Sensatec, GmbH as our exclusive representative for Provect-“EBR®” applications in Germany.

In Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Technologiepartnern bei E. Elgressy (Israel) freut sich Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. (Provectus), Sensatec, GmbH als unseren exklusiven Vertreter für Provect- “EBR®” – Anwendungen in Deutschland vorzustellen.

“Following rigorous scientific and engineering review of the Provect-EBR® technology, we understood the significance of this fascinating, truly innovative technology”, stated Dr. Stephan Hüttmann, Managing Director of Sensatec GmbH. “When properly designed and utilized, this technology can yield many tangible benefits in terms of safety, remedial efficacy, and overall performance. The European community maintains a strong focus on sustainability in many aspects of our culture. The application of Provectus’ technologies will allow us to lead the German remediation industry as we contribute to those goals as part of improved remedial actions. Toward this end, Sensatec is committed to providing exemplary customer service reinforced through candid, scientifically defensible client interactions,” stated Dr. Hüttmann.

“Knowing the scientists and practitioners at Sensatec, GmbH and having worked with them in various capacities for the last several years, we are confident in their ability to safely and conscientiously implement our remedial technologies”, stated Dr. Jim Mueller, President at Provectus. “We are eager to work with our new colleagues at Sensatec to solve challenging environmental issues via integration of technology advancements with shared principles of technical excellence and dedicated client service”.

Since our inception, Provectus has been a crucible for the environmental industry yielding truly innovative remedial technologies that we have successfully transitioned from conceptualization through global commercialization. When introduced to the EBR® technology developed by Dr. Elie Elgressy we were quickly enamored with its design and intrigued with its ability to continuously produce in situ a range of reactive oxidant species (ROS) including hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), superoxide (O2∙), hydroxyl radicals (OH∙) and reactive ferrates (Fe [IV], Fe [V] and Fe [VI]) in a safe and controlled manner, under a range of pH conditions, and without the addition of exogenous chemicals (e.g. ISCO Generator). Moreover, its potential application as an ISCO permeable reactive barrier (PRB) represents a very significant contribution to the cache of best available remedial technologies. Accordingly, we acquired exclusive rights to the technology for our targeted markets and clients, and we are working with the original inventors and expanded designs applications (patents pending).

The EBR® (US patent 9,975,156 B2; patents pending) uniquely drives electrochemical reactions, under neutral pH and computer-controlled conditions, to continuously generate hydroxyl radicals and other Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) such as superoxide and ferrate throughout the aquifer. Direct mineralization of chlorinated solvents, MTBE, BTEX, and other compounds have been demonstrated at over 30 full-scale sites with pending applications for 1,4-dioxane and perfluorinated compounds. Secondary effects include enhanced contaminant desorption from tight lithologies and stimulated biogeochemical destruction (iron reducers). Most notably, the system allows for continuous remote monitoring and operational control making it ideal for ISCO PRB-type strategies targeting deep aquifers, fractured rock, and mixed lithologies to effectively manage large, dilute plumes often in remote areas.

Sensatec Ltd. provides sophisticated technologies for contaminated site analysis and remediation. Furthermore, it offers intelligent sensor-based environmental monitoring systems. With more than 300 successful reference projects, Sensatec belongs to Germany‘s market leaders in in-situ groundwater remediation services. Our outstanding performance in both, implementing technical environmental remediation measures and successfully managing contaminated sites results from interlinking both technical and scientific know-how with interdisciplinary thinking. Currently, we are working on app. 150 remediation projects, several research projects and numerous feasibility studies. Together with our partners from distinguished research institutes, we are working on creating innovative and powerful new environmental remediation technologies.

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