Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. Enters EMEA Marketplace Working With BAW S.R.L – Italy


“Provectus’ Technologies Represent Significant Advancements in our Industry, Establishing Higher Standards in Applied Soil and Groundwater Remediation by Providing Safer, More Efficient Chemistries for Treatment of Contaminated Sites throughout Europe”.

CHICAGO, IL, FEBRUARY 26th, 2015: Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. (Provectus) – the developer and exclusive global provider of Provect-CH4™,

Provect-IR®, Provect-IRM®, Provect-OX® and other patented and patent-pending, truly unique soil and groundwater remediation technologies – announced today that it has selected BAW S.r.l (BAW) as its first representative in Europe. With an initial focus on Italy, BAW will offer these important technology advancements to their clients and colleagues in the European environmental community. By providing regional technical, regulatory and logistics support, BAW will help design/engineering firms and environmental consultants save their clients’ time and money by implementing safer, more-effective, and more cost-efficient remedial strategies.

Dr. Jim Mueller, President of Provectus, stated: ” As a Founder and former Director of environmental biotechnology firms SBP Technologies, Inc. and Adventus Americas, Inc. (which was sold to FMC Corporation in 2012 and subsequently divested in 2014 to J.P Morgan Chase /One Equity Partners as a component of PeroxyChem, LLC), I understand well the need to have competent, experienced regional representatives to properly introduce new environmental biotechnologies in foreign markets and to have them effectively implemented. Over the past 25 years, I identified strategic business partners and technical representatives in various countries on multiple continents; the knowledge gained from these experiences allowed Provectus to concisely define the qualifications and attributes required of our affiliates: unrivaled professionalism, collaborative in spirit, demonstrated business ethics (reliable, hard-working, honest), and technical aptitude gained from real-world project experiences. All with a crisp focus on client service”. Knowing the principals of BAW and having worked with them in various capacities for over 10 years, we are confident that BAW will conscientiously represent Provectus with dedication to client service and project success,” stated Mueller.

Following a detailed scientific and engineering review of the Provectus technologies, we understood the significance of these truly innovative, genuinely new offering, stated Mr. Claudio Sandrone, Business Development Executive of BAW. When properly utilized, Provectus technologies will yield many tangible benefits in terms of safety, remedial efficacy and overall performance. The European community maintains a strong focus on sustainability in many aspects of our culture. The application of Provectus’ technologies will allow Italy to lead the remediation industry as we contribute to those goals as part of improved remedial actions. Toward this end, BAW is committed to providing exemplary customer service reinforced through candid, scientifically defensible client interactions,” stated Sandrone.

“Following a detailed scientific and engineering review of the Provectus technologies, we understood the significance of these truly innovative, genuinely new offerings.”

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