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It is very difficult to stay conversant with new technologies – this is mainly due to time constraints coupled with recognized difficulties in gleaning truly useful information from a field of feathers.  But it is very important to maintain a functional understanding of the best-available remedial tools and strategies in order to best serve your clients and to effectively differentiate in a competitive environment.

During a focused 1-hour technical seminar (either in person or via webinar), senior technical staff from Provectus will provide an overview of our genuinely new technologies and critically describe their use – both good and bad – at various locations:

  • Provect-CH4® Methanogen Inhibitor and ERD/ISCR Supplement: Water-soluble amendment that can be used as a supplement to effectively control methane production when combined with various ERD amendments (g., [emulsified] oils, lecithin, lactates, molasses, sugars, etc) or conventional ISCR reagents that do not have antimethanogenic compounds. By inhibiting methanogenesis, this is a more efficient (saves an estimated 30 to 50% of the carbon amendment), longer-lived and safer ERD approach (helps avoid induced vapor intrusion and other issues associated with excessive methanogenesis)
  • Provect-IR® Solid, Antimethanogenic ISCR Reagent: As the prime originator and developer of the original EHC® ISCR reagent over 11 years ago, we know that Provect-IR is a genuine improvement on the ISCR process and its older, product formulations.  Provect-IR is a much more efficient, cost-effective and safer ISCR approach = can use an estimated 30% less amendment and get expected results without excessive methane generation.
  • Provect-IRM® Solid Antimethanogenic ISCR Reagent / Metal Stabilization Reagent: The Provect-IR technology core makes this a more effective means of metal immobilization/ISCR that minimizes production of methylmetal(loids) for safer, more effective, long-term immobilization.
  • ERD-CH4® Liquid Antimethanogenic ISCR Reagent: The most cost effective formulation of a liquid, antimethanogenic ERD amendment that can be applied via screened systems.
  • Provect-OX® Self-Activating ISCO/ Enhanced Bioremediation Reagent: Persulfate-based ISCO reagent that is unique in terms of its safety (no extreme activators; no heat generated) and effectiveness (integrates ferrate chemistry), as it actively integrates enhanced bioremediation as part of the overall treatment process to actively manage rebound;
  • AquaGate+CH4™ Composite, Antimethanogenic Reactive Capping Technology: Developed in collaboration with AquaBlok, LTD subaqueous caps can be constructed more effectively by minimizing gas ebullition and contaminant methylation.
  • EZVI-CH4™ Antimethanogenic DNAPL Treatment: Reagent can be used for safe and effective treatment of DNAPL sources.
  • Provect-GS™ NAPL Immobilization Technology: A liquid reagent developed in collaboration Beazer East, Inc. for safe, rapid in situ geophysicochemical immobilization (ISGI) of DNAPL sources.

Our business model supports site owners, environmental engineers/consultants, regulators, and the academic community by providing unbiased design and selection of the most efficacious remedial strategy for a given site.  Our staff represent over 150 cumulative years’ experience in the industry, with field-proven expertise focused on ease-of-use, performance and safety.

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